Breaking the Circle Active-Learning Toolkit is a web platform in which set of formats, contents and meaningful case studies on Child-Friendly Justice are freely accessible.

All the materials in Breaking the Circle web platform have been produced through participatory activities, involving youngsters who have experienced judicial proceedings and professionals working in Juvenile Justice Sector. The process has been realized in 4 countries: Cyprus, Italy, Romania and Spain.

The aim of Breaking the Circle Active-Learning Toolkit is to raise the awareness of young people about their rights in judicial proceedings and to improve the skills of the professionals working with them in formal and non-formal educational contest, such as high schools, professional schools, training centers, recreational and community centers…

The whole material is available for two main purposes: – Set up several type of workshops inside classrooms or formal and non-formal groups, to raise the awareness of pupils and youngsters about their right in Judicial Proceedings and on Child-Friendly Justice (CFJ) principles; – Learning about CFJ Principles, just navigating the web platform, to improve the knowledge on CFJ and on child rights in judicial proceedings.

The toolkit is focused on two main targets: YOUNG PEOPLE, aged 12-18, as target of workshop formats; PROFESSIONALS working in any kind of educational context, concerning the use of the platform.

Download Educator Website Manual (editable PDF)