Suggested Time



Materials needed
– Printed Character sheet, one per participant.
– Scissors
– Pens or pencils


Character Sheet (editable PDF)


Character sheet is a useful tool for the formation of heterogeneous groups and balanced between them. The aim is to bring to light some characteristics of the participants in the workshop as well as giving each of them a role with specific responsibilities in the group and for the duration of the workshop.



In order to create working groups made by 4 or 5 people, participants must use the character sheet and fill the questionnaire


Participants must connect the star peaks following their own questionnaire scores



Each participant produces her own paper start cutting it from the character sheet and pin it up to the shirt.


Once everyone has pinned his/her star on the chest, it is important to compose the groups with the most complete variety of stars as possible in order to ensure that all characters are represented in each group.