Suggested Time



Materials needed

– printed guidelines cards or posters


Guidelines A4 Posters (editable PDF)


A cross between a game presentation and a first step in the contents. The guidelines must to be distributed around the room, in the way that they are accessible and visible to all participants. Everyone has to look at them, take a quick reading of the title and subtitle, and choose their own guidelines card. The choice can be made for any reason whatsoever: closeness, distance, curiosity, for the title, the subtitle … The freedom of choice is total.





The 15 guidelines must be printed in A4 format in double copy. In case workshop participants would be less than 15, then one printed copy for each guideline would be enough. If possible, use coloured paper for prints.




Dispose in circle one chair for each participant, including the facilitator chair. In case facilitators would be two, then dispose the chairs in two small circles.


Dispose the prints along a table in order to let participants having a good visibility on each sheet content and choose their favourite one


When everyone is having a guideline, the facilitator starts approaching the Child Friendly Justice inviting each student reading loud voice the chossed guideline, starting a collective discussion.


Each participant is asked to introduce themselves (if the group is led by educators who do not know the minors or if the group is mixed and not all known) and tell which reason they chose a given card guidelines. The goal is to begin to address the content of the meetings, including a first glance, but not in depth based on a first impression, on the guidelines for child-friendly justice.