Suggested Time



Materials needed

– Printed Collage materials
– Local collage materials (newspaper, magazine, cartoons etc)
– Scissors
– Glue


Collage Material (PDF)


Collage is a tool that allows you to combine the instinctive and emotional approach with a first level of rationalization. Each group of participants is asked to produce a collage from the emotions and sensations that are provoked by a theme. There are not “right” or “wrong”, in the collage. There must be space for expression for everyone, both similar reactions and also for those conflicting ones.




The facilitator provides each group one identified guideline card. Each group must read the text and try to represent it cutting and using paper images available and pictures taken from newspapers



The groups must detect and highlight in the guideline cards the keywords. Next, the groups should find within the images available those keywords, cut them and complete the representation using pictures from newspapers.


Who among the group got the Artist profile during character sheet will present to the whole class the collage created by the group.



Each group presents its own collages, telling the difficulties in the production, the meaning that was given to the chosen images, the methods used for the combination of images and different opinions. Even in the debriefing phase there are no right or wrong, it is important that everyone feels welcome and at ease in processing and in the exposition of the work produced. NON evaluating the “beauty” of the product, but the relevance to the proposed work.