Suggested Time



Materials needed

– Printed Pass-on Board & Box, Pack and Guidelines Cards
– Pens or pencils


Pass-on Board (PDF for two A3 Sheets)
Pass-on Pack (PDF)
Guidelines Cards (Editable PDF)


Pass-On Game is an educational tool that aims to facilitate reflection and discussion of the minors involved in the workshop on a complex issue such as the rights of minors placed in judicial routes. The use of an active tool, which stimulates the participation of all, the empowerment of everyone in the deepening of the content, the creation of a circular communication path through a game helps youngsters to feel comfortable with the topic and with companions.




The facilitator provides the group Pass-On Pack, Guidelines Cards and the boardgame


The first participant extracts the first card, carefully reads the card content, following its instructions.


After having completed the requested action, the player passes the card pack to her next and the procedure repeats


The facilitator observes and encourage a discussion within the group



It is important that the educator who leads the game supports the groups in the comparison work and expression of their views. At the end of the game he/she will ask the students to share their thoughts and feelings about what has just been done. Everyone has the right to speak his/her mind, both in relation to the group or to their peers, and in relation to the issue addressed and the instrument used.