Suggested Time



Materials needed

– A computer with Monitor or video projector per class

Go to WordBubbles


Word Bubbles is an instrument best used at the end of the workshops to collect thoughts and opinions of participants about 5 main keywords in Child-friendly justice : Participation, Discrimination, Privacy, Dignity and Safety. By using the digital platform provided on this website, participants can both express their opinions and reads those of the others. The words are collected regardless of language boundaries. In this way any web visitors can see all the words in different languages.

The word collection process can be done using a daily password provided for educators (see Educators Website Manual : page 3)



In order to set up the workshop, the facilitator obtain the on-day password that allows to insert records in Word Bubbles


The facilitator poses this question to participants: “What do Discrimination, Dignity, Participation and Safety mean for you?”


The facilitator collects all answers from participants and accesses the web page to insert data