“Breaking the Circle” is an international project funded by the European Union and run by the Metropolitan City of Milan with a group of organizations from Italy, Cyprus, Romania and Spain: Codici Research and Intervention, Comunità Nuova Association and dotdotdot from Milan; Asociation SUYAE and Universidad Autonoma in Madrid; Ahead Association, in Brasov; EuroSuccess Consulting from Nicosia.

The main goals of the project are: to raise the awareness of children and young people about their rights in the context of civil, administrative and criminal judicial proceedings; to improve the knowledge of the professionals working in the field of Juvenile Justice and in the Educational System on a Child-Friendly Justice Approach; to improve Child-Friendly Justice Practices in all EU State Members.
The project started with a participatory research process aimed at consulting young people and professionals about their experiences and points of view about the functioning of the justice system.The consultation process has involved more than 100 young people and 60 professionals of the Justice System throughout Italy, Cyprus, Romania and Spain. Here you can find the Guidelines Integration Document we produced.

The results of the research and consultation activities have been used to build this Active-Learning Toolkit, that can be used on awareness raising and training activities. The project is realizing more than 80 Raising Awareness Campaigns with youngsters aged 12-18, inside formal and non-formal educational contexts, in all the cities and districts involved in the project (Nicosia, Milan, Brasov, Madrid).

Moreover, the aim of the project is also to increase the knowledge of the professionals working in the field of Juvenile Justice and in the Educational System on a Child-Friendly Justice Approach. Breaking the Circle is realizing more than 12 Training for Trainers, addressing more than 250 professionals, such as teachers, social workers, educators, psychologists, mediators, family consultants, lawyers… The Trainers involved will be able to use the Active-Learning Toolkit in their everyday work contexts, with the groups of youngsters they work with.

This Web Platform address the third goal of the project: it will be a useful instrument to spread the learning, the tools, the products of our work in all Europe. Feel free to explore and use it!

You can find more information on Breaking the Circle project here : Città Metropolitana .

This publication has been produced with the financial support of the Pilot project “Raising awareness of children to be aware of their rights in judicial procedures” of the European Union. The contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of Città Metropolitana of Milan and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Commission.