Breaking the Circle Active-Learning Toolkit encourages participants to learn about Child-Friendly Justice through their involvement in a series of workshops. The toolkit engages in activities, such as reading, writing, discussing, or problem solving in order to promote analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of Child Friendly Justice contents. The toolkit consists of 3 main phases, each conceived to be set following a specific order: Introduction, Learning Tool, Wrap-up final session.


The whole toolkit is flexible: there are several tools under the three procedures to be chosen. Each tool has its own features, goals and functions as well as different duration in order to better adapt facilitators’ and participants’ needs. However, here there are some suggestion on how to construct your workshops :

Complete set (3 sessions, 5 hours total)

Session 1 – Introduction (2 hours ) : Character Sheet + Collage
Session 2 – Learning (2 hours) : Guidelines Circle + Pass-on Game
Session 3 – Wrap-up (1 hour) : Word Bubbles

Compact set (1 session, 2 hours total )

Make an introduction with Guidelines Circle, learning tool with Pass-on game and to wrap-up with Word Bubbles.

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By navigating in the tools’ pages, facilitators can inform and decide which tool is fit to their purpose. In each tool’s page there are steps to follow and link for download. It is recommended to read carefully for best preparation both technical and methodological. Navigate to the desired tool, download materials, print them and get ready for your workshop.


Download Vademecum (editable PDF)