The Stories section provides an inspirational and heterogeneous library of selected real judicial cases involving minors in different countries. Each case highlights on critical conditions and situations occurring to a minor who was directly or indirectly involved in a judicial proceeding. Each of these stories can be found formatted as Pass-On Game in this section, ready to be printed and used in a classroom.

At the same time, the purpose behind Breaking the Circle Toolkit, especially with the Pass-On Game, is to promote the engagement of educators and facilitators in becoming themselves authors of new case studies, in order to allow minors playing with more local, customized and meaningful contents through Pass-On Game.

It is enough for stories to be written in a very easy way, following very few guidelines. So, go through the few bullet points below in order to understand how to draft your case study in a suitable way for the toolkit use:

How to draft your case study

– choose a case study that can be meaningful for minors interests, something captivating for them and engaging. Normally teenagers are attracted by decadent cases in which drug abuse, stalking, bullying and urban gangs are mixing up with the actual judicial process that must be analyzed through the case. Thus, try to add some of those “ingredients” in your story even if the original case wouldn’t have involved such topics. It will work better 🙂

– Breakdown your story in a series of fragments (from 8 up to 12), able to describe the main facts and consequences in the story. Each fragment should be somehow “concluded” in its minimum meaning. Consider also that the whole case study length should be not more than 3000 characters, blanks included, and that each fragment should be not longer than 200/300 characters b.i.

– Use a child friendly language. Kids should be able to easily read with loud voice the explicit and implicit meanings of the text.

– Be careful of anonymizing the case study you are going to use in your class: use fictional names and cities, but not fictional countries.

– Once you have your case study ready, you can follow the step to build Pass-on set here

You are ready to immediately start to tinker with your case study and start spreading in your community of minors the Breaking the Circle values!

Pass-on Cards Template(Editable PDF)