A second chance in Life.

tags: bulism, discrimination


Fragment 1
Andrea arrives in Nicosia from his born city Limassol at the age of 10. His parents have divorced so the court decided to give the custody to Andrea’s mother who then moves to Nicosia in an apartment.

Fragment 2
Andrea has difficulties in adapting to his new life. He left his school and his friends behind, and the neighborhood he really loved. He also misses his dad a lot, since the only time he sees him is on weekends, and sometimes this is not possible due to his dad work.

Fragment 3
Since the first day he started school, Andrea’s peers were bullying him and calling him names. Teachers were not paying attention to him, and his mother was never at home because she was working a lot of hours in order to be able to raise him. Andrea feels lonely and miserable.

Fragment 4
One day things got worst. As he was going to school his classmates found him on the streets and beat him up just because he was a foreigner and the new kid. Andrea got furious and decided that he will not go to school again.

Fragment 5
Andrea gets angry and starts to bully other kids too. Teachers call his mother to inform her that her son is not going to school, and that he bullies other children, and makes her upset. Andrea’s mother blames him that it is his fault that she got divorced from his father, and that he only brings trouble to her. Andrea then gets mad and leaves from home for 10 days. His mother and police are looking for him.

Fragment 6
While Andrea was on his own, he met some older guys who live in the neighborhood and starts hanging out with them. He felt as a part of a team and that these guys understand him. He starts using drugs and because he needs money he starts to sell drugs in the neighborhood; an easy way to make money. One day he tries to pass 5 kilos of drugs from the airport to another country and police arrests him.

Fragment 7
The judge decides to give him alternative measures and he is sent to a rehab center. In the center, Andrea feels that he will not be able to finish the program, because he has arguments with other peers who are following the same program and decides to escape..

Fragment 8
After he left the therapeutic community he stars selling and taking drugs again, until the police found him. The court then decides to give him a second chance and he is sent to another therapeutic community center.

Fragment 9
At that center he receives full attention and understanding from psychologists and sociologists and manages to change his life. He is also going along with other peers in the community.


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