Just a joint

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Fragment 1
Claire, 16 years old, is an intelligent and integrated person and lives in a little town in the suburb area. She is in a park smoking hashish with a group of friends when the police stops her for a control and catches her with hashish possess.

Fragment 2
As specified by the law in these cases, Claire is requested for an interrogation with authorities. These authorities decide to send her to the toxic-addiction department.

Fragment 3
In Claire’s state law foresees that since she is a minor, she will be sent by the authority to the social-sanitary service; which is a civil procedure, not criminal.

Fragment 4
At the toxic addictions department, an educator addresses Claire on her path: she is requested to join and participate to a group with other minors like her. Once a month, for 3 times, she has to take a well-controlled urine test. Three interviews are scheduled for her – before, during and after, in order to see if the urine test results clean. Once evidence will prove that for Claire hashish consumption is over, the educator will make a report of the whole process.

Fragment 5
Claire is collaborative, always punctual in attending all meetings and starts a good relation with the educator who follows her case. In the second meeting, she invites also her parents to take part in the interrogation with educator. Claire decides to change her social habits and environment to avoid unhealty relationships and to protect herself from using drugs again.

Fragment 6
At the arrival of the final urine test, it results positive for a really small amount of cannabis (0.001). The confront with Claire is dramatic: she swears of not having smoked. From a scientific point of view, the positivity is so low that it can be produced by passive smoke.

Fragment 7
After the meeting, the staff of the Toxic Addiction Department decides to make a very positive relation and ask for archiving, giving the possibility to review again Claire and to make another urine test.

Fragment 8
The Authority doesn’t answer to the report, and Claire receive a letter in wich she is requested to take a well-controlled urine test and psychological interviews for 6 months; moreover the authority¬† adds the suspension of the ID card as administrative penalty.


CLAIRE for Pass-on (editable PDF in English)