What is happening to me?

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Fragment 1
George and his younger brother were found in an apartment by the neighbors. The brothers were 3 years old and 1 year and a half old. They were found alone, abandoned by their mother. We don’t know anything about their extended family. After they were found, they were hospitalized in an emergency center.

Fragment 2
George has been adopted at the age of 4, together with his brother in a family with a good social status and credibility in the community.
For 8 years, children were educated by their step parents without any reports of abuse or neglect situation. Nevertheless, the step parents has never revealed information about George’s real parents to him and his brother even when they asked about it.

Fragment 3
Because of the good social status of foster family, no more support from social service has been made, neither the usual monitoring of adoption process. When George is 12, in his family there is a complicated situation in communication between children and the step parents. In this period, George shows behavioural changes that have been identified in Secondary School.

Fragment 4
At school, the teacher suspects an emotional turbulence from George. The school tries to discuss the action of George with the parents, but they do not want to cooperate and do not listen to the solutions offered by the school.

Fragment 5
In that period, George begins to show inappropriate behaviours, like stealing money to his parents or to his school mates. He often does not want to go home after school. He  often escapes from home. Every time this happens, the Police brings him back to his step-parents.

Fragment 6
The teachers contacted Child Protection Services telling them that there could be a potential emotional abuse made by the step-father.

Fragment 7
Finally specialist team decides to protect George. They take him in charge and bring him to a Protected Center. The father tries to quit the adoption process of George, keeping only his younger brother. The Minor Protection System starts studying the family case to evaluate next steps.

Fragment 8
George in this time starts to meet several professionals to understand how to make his situation better: psychologist, educator, lawyers, social workers… Georges gets really involved in the Center’s activities. He also started to attend a new school, showing interest and seriousness. George is starting to change his behaviour in a positive way.

Fragment 9
The professionals of the Center put George in contact with an institution that works with abandoned children. George starts meeting them to get some help for his situation, and the Family Court starts the process about George case, to establish his own best interest.


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