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Fragment 1
Martha and Stefano have a daughter; her name is Julie and she’s 5 years old. Martha and Stefano often have violent arguments, and one day Martha decides to go to the police for the first time. In a short period of time, Martha goes to the police two other times; in this three occasions the police takes Martha back to her husband’s house, reprimanding him only orally.

Fragment 2
After another violent argument, Martha decides to escape with Julie; her parents convoy her to the police in order to report Stefano’s abuses. Inside the police report is stated that Stefano used to lock Martha and Julie in the house when he did go to work, he didn’t give any money to her, he used to hide all the phones of the house. In the report is stated that Stefano used to beat Martha in front of Julie.

Fragment 3
The consequences of these abuses are serious: during her first years of life, Julie didn’t go to school, she had problems in learning to speak and she suffered of enuresis and encopresis;  Martha is admitted into a hospital because she suffers of depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Fragment 4
Stefano starts threatening Martha and her family. The police informs the juvenile court about this situation, as a possible dangerous situation for the young girl. At the same time, the trial for the divorce starts in the ordinary court. Both Martha and Stefano ask for Julie’s exclusive custody: Martha reporting Stefano’s abuses, Stefano stating that his wife has a psychiatric disease, so she is unable to look after the daughter.

Fragment 5
Juvenile court issues a temporary measure that gives Julie’s custody to Martha’s parents. Simultaneously, it appoints the social services to carry out an inquiry about Martha and Stefano and their families. The  juvenile court also requests a technical consultation in order to outline psychological profiles of Martha, Stefano and Julie. The ordinary court (where the divorce procedure takes place) requests a consultation to outline a psychological profiles of all the family’s members.

Fragment 6
Julie is now 8 years old and goes to school. The story of Martha and Stefano becomes a case on the media: even though the local press didn’t report the name of the girl, some facts has been anyway outlined so to that this case could easily be connected to her, revealing her identity.

Fragment 7
Stefano continues to persecute Martha in many ways, stalking her, chasing her when she goes out, damaging her car and threatening her by phone. In one of these occasions he assaults Martha when she was picking Julie up, thus Martha makes another report to the police against him.

Fragment 8
Meanwhile the cause for the divorce goes on, but Stefano doesn’t attend it; In the meantime the juvenile court chooses to confirm the temporary assignation of Julie’s custody to her mother’s family, deciding simultaneously to provide a psychological support to Martha and Julie and an educative support to the girl.

Fragment 9
But the psychological and clinical profile of Julie don’t get better: she has problems in keeping the concentration up, she acts in an over-aggressive way in some occasions, she doesn’t trust her mother and she thinks she is unable to protect her.
Julie has created her own version of reality and feels guilty for what has happened and believes her father will change and become a good person.


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