Help in arrival

tags: drug, bulism, discrimination


Fragment 1
Romeo comes from a big city across the ocean, he arrives at an early age in Italy to join his parents who had emigrated shortly after his birth.
The situation here is difficult: it is the first time that Romeo lives without his grandparents. Romeo finds hard to adapt to the new life and the atmosphere at home is very tense, especially because his dad is a violent man.

Fragment 2
When he starts going to school, Romeo finds hard to understand classes, and also the relationships with peers and teachers are not the best. Depending on his origins, soon classmates begin to exclude Romeo. Romeo starts attending school as little as possible. He feels better with other kids who live in his neighborhood, who rarely go to school and spend much time in the street.

Fragment 3
Romeo is also starting to make some small crimes at school. He steals stuff and even uses violence against smaller kids. Together with other kids, he makes videos of bully acts and then publishes them online!

Fragment 4
The school reports Romeo’s frequent absences and the violence of his father to juvenile court. A civil proceedings gets opened and an investigation on his case and his psycho-social condition gets started.
Finally Romeo is in contact with a social worker named Paul.

Fragment 5
Paul and Romeo start having a good relationship. Romeo starts to open himself and things are going great until one day Paul is obliged to move to another case and to stop any contact with Romeo. Romeo refuses to see other social workers.
The psycho-social inquiry stops and the Juvenile Court does not get any report on the psychological and social conditions of Romeo.

Fragment 6
Romeo is left alone by the social services while at school he is discriminated because of his behavior, his friends outside school and the videos. In this difficult climate, Romeo leaves the school and gets back to old vicious behaviors of committing small crimes.

Fragment 7
At home, Romeo’s dad gets more and more violent with him. One night, during a big fight, Romeo gets violently beaten by his father. Romeo runs away from home.

Fragment 8
He leaves school and goes to live in a squat, where he joins a group, some kind of gang.
Romeo begins to use drugs and alcohol. He also begins to get involved in fights until he finally gets to commit an attempted murder!

Fragment 9
civil proceeding is opened by the Juvenile Court that starts an investigation on the case of psycho-social of Romeo. Romeo is placed in a community for a trial period, as an alternative to imprisonment.

Fragment 10
In the community, Romeo finally gets help. He is heard by social workers, educators and psychologists, and at the end of the first period, after a psychiatric evaluation, Romeo starts a new path that also involves a medication treatment for substance abuse.

Fragment 11
He spends some time in the community, during which re-establishes contact with himself and with his family, he calms down and starts to engage in new activities. After a while Romeo is much better. His sentence runs out and returns to his mother, who has meanwhile divorced from the violent dad.


ROMEO for Pass-on (editable PDF in English)